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Drumheller & Badlands Tour from Calgary

Leaving Calgary behind, our journey begins with a scenic drive through the Alberta prairies, gradually giving way to the dramatic Badlands terrain. Our first recommended stop is the renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum*, a world-class paleontological institution nestled in the heart of the Badlands. Here, you’ll step back millions of years into the past as you marvel at the extensive dinosaur exhibits and learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that once roamed this land.

Continuing our exploration, you may wish to cross the Star Mine Suspension Bridge spanning the Red Deer River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding canyon and the winding river below. Feel the thrill as you walk across this engineering marvel suspended high above the gorge. We then make our way to the Hoodoos, eerie rock formations sculpted by centuries of erosion. As you wander among these towering pillars of stone, you’ll be awestruck by the otherworldly beauty of the Badlands landscape.

Our journey may then take us to the Atlas Coal Mine, a National Historic Site that offers a glimpse into Alberta’s rich coal mining heritage. Descend into the depths of the mine shaft and explore the historic buildings that once bustled with activity during the peak of the coal mining era. Alternatively, a stop in the ghost town of Wayne for a trip back in time to the Last Chance Saloon. To get there, you’ll experience the world record for the most bridges to be found within the shortest distance.

Finally, we may visit Horsethief Canyon, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the rugged Badlands terrain stretching out as far as the eye can see. Feel the raw beauty of this natural wonder as you take in the sweeping vistas and snap photos to capture the moment.

As our tour draws to a close, you’ll leave Drumheller with a deep appreciation for the unique geological formations and rich history that define this enchanting region. With its blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures, Drumheller promises an unforgettable adventure for all who visit.

*Entrance to the Royal Tyrrell Museum is available as an add-on to this tour and is highly recommended.

About this tour

  • Guided tour to Drumheller with an interpretive guide (10 hours total)
  • Private vehicle (up to 9 people)
  • Pick up and drop off from Calgary and surrounding areas are available
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum (Optional Add-on)
  • Tips (not included)
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Day Tour of Drumheller from Calgary Itinerary

Your full-day private tour starts from your pick-up location in Calgary. The drive from Calgary to Drumheller takes approximately 1.5 hours. Points of interest in the area include the Hoodoos, Horsethief Canyon, Atlas Coal Mine, Star Mine Suspension Bridge, the ghost town of Wayne, and the optional Royal Tyrrell Museum.

*Adding admission to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is recommended as it displays one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaurs and is Canada’s only museum dedicated to the study of ancient life.

At the end of your tour, your guide will drop you off in the location of your choice within Calgary.

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