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Adventure Tours

For the more adventurist traveller, we have just what you are looking for:

Year Round:

A. Helicopter Tours
Let us take you to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains with stops in Lake Louise, Banff and Canmore. Then finish up your day with a view from the sky in a heli-tour over mountains, lakes and glaciers. Pick one of many incredible sightseeing tours above the Rockies.

B. Ride the Olympic Bobsleigh
Finish your city of Calgary tour at Canada Olympic Park. Take a ride on the wild side down an official Bobsleigh Track. Experience the ride of a lifetime. Piloted by a professional driver, you'll twist down 14 turns, pulling up to 5 G's and hit a maximum speed of 120 km/h on a course that develops Olympic champions.


A. Zipline down the Olympic Ski Jump
Finish your city of Calgary tour at Canada Olympic Park. Get big air as you soar from the top of Canada Olympic Park's ski jump tower on North America's fastest zipline! Riders fly down the unique cable system in a comfortable harness, reaching speeds between 120 and 140 km/h. As Calgary's highest vantage point, the ski jump tower provides a zipline that is 500 metres long with a vertical drop of more than 100 metres.

B. Beluga Whale Tours
Experience the beauty of beluga whale songs by participating in boat expeditions and kayaking and snorkeling adventures. Fly or take the train to Churchill, Manitoba where you will get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures of the Canadian north.


A. Dog Sled Rides
Enjoy the exhilarating sport of Canadian Dog Sledding (learn how to drive your own dog team) with experienced, friendly, instructors, as you traverse the valleys and lakes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We'll begin with a morning tour in Banff National Park and the town of Banff and surrounding area, then into Canmore for a dogsledding adventure.

B. Polar Bear Tours
Experience the Canadian North's polar bears up close. Fly or take the train to Churchill, Manitoba, board a Tundra Buggy and ride out onto the northern tundra and see the polar bears before they head out on to the Hudson's Bay ice for the winter. (Available only in October and November)